One of my favourite design tricks is one I learnt from Ikea. One day while I was perusing my local Ikea (as you do) I came across a kitchen they had set up with fake french doors framed by a set of curtains. Curtains? Full Curtains? In the kitchen?


It was like little fireworks went off! I had never seen this before and I absolutely wanted to do it at home. I bought curtains right away and installed them when I got home.  P.S. good job Ikea, merchandising at work.


Here’s a shot of our kitchen curtains right after we finished our reno:

Kitchen Makeover - View from Hall


The only time we ever draw the curtains is if it’s really sunny and we’re trying to watch a movie (you know, weekend Netflix binge-fests). Most of the time they’re open and perfectly framing our sliding glass doors. I love this look and I think it helps soften the kitchen and give it a more cozy feel.


Here are some of my other favourite spaces rocking this look:

Frame glass doors with curtains | Sarah Richardson Kitchen

Kitchen designed by Sarah Richardson (Source)


Frame glass doors with curtains | Style at Home

Mustard Curtains from Style at Home (Source)


Frame Glass Doors with Curtains | Liz Marie Blog

Gorgeous space featured on Liz Marie Blog (source)


Frame Glass Doors with Curtains | Bright Teal

Better Homes and Gardens Bright Teal Curtains (Source)


Do you love this look as much as me? Are you rocking it in your house too?

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